FLAME II inspired by Alexandria II

1,200.00 EGP


50  ML | 1.7 FL OZ

Flame II
Inspired by
Alexandria II by Xerjoff
Imagine yourself on the historic shores of Alexandria, surrounded by refreshing sea breezes and the unique scent of Flame II.
A captivating blend of Eastern charm and Western elegance, inspired by the timeless allure of Alexandria.
The fragrance opens with warm notes of rare rosewood and aromatic lavender, combined with refreshing apple and spicy cinnamon, giving you a sense of both freshness and warmth.
The heart of the fragrance is a bouquet of beautiful rose, warm cedarwood, and delicate lily of the valley, adding a touch of romance and elegance.
The base of the fragrance concludes with rich notes of noble oud, aromatic sandalwood, luxurious amber, sweet vanilla, and soft musk, providing unmatched longevity.
Inspired by Alexandria II by Xerjoff,
order Flame II today and enjoy an unforgettable olfactory experience.

Weight 400 g


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