MIRACLE inspired by Rouge Sarây

1,200.00 EGP


50  ML | 1.7 FL OZ


Inspired by Rouge Sarây Atelier des Ors

A Journey Through the Fragrance of the Middle East

Embark on an enchanting journey through the deserts of the Middle East with “Miracle” from Rouge Sarây Atelier des Ors. The scent harmonizes cinnamon and jasmine in the top notes, imparting a sense of warmth and comfort. The heart of the fragrance envelops you with patchouli and dates, embodying the authenticity of the ancient East. The olfactory dance concludes with a base of guaiac wood, vanilla, and sandalwood, adding a touch of luxury and allure. “Miracle”: A fragrance perfect for lovers of the East and its unique aroma, inspired by Rouge Sarây Atelier des Ors.

Weight 400 g

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