RAVEN inspired by Ebene Fume

1,200.00 EGP


50 ML | 1.7 FL OZ


Inspired by
Ebene Fume Tom Ford

A touch of timeless elegance with the aroma of rare woods

Immerse yourself in a captivating olfactory journey with Raven,
a unique blend of incense, palo santo, black pepper, and violet leaves that creates an aura of luxurious allure.
Notes of rich leather dance with labdanum, cade oil, papyrus, and rose, leaving behind a mesmerizing trace of eternal elegance.
Your journey concludes with a powerful touch of resins, ebony, and guaiac wood, leaving unforgettable memories.
A fragrance that expresses the finest within you,
inspired by Ebene Fume Tom Ford.

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